Product Care


To prevent tarnishing, store clean, dry sterling silver in a dry, airtight container like a Ziploc bag. Placing an anti-tarnish strip in the bag will also help prevent tarnishing. Keep all of your pieces separate from one another to prevent scratching.

Don't leave silver jewelry in the bathroom, as humidity can speed up the oxidation process that produces tarnish. Minimize sterling silver's contact with chemicals such as hairspray, body lotion, and cleaning products and do not wear it in the water. After taking it off, clean it with a dry, soft cloth before putting it back into an airtight container.


To clean your solid sterling silver pieces, use a jewelry polishing cloth. Ours is designed with a treated interior cloth for cleaning and an exterior cloth for polishing. Clean your jewelry with the inside cloth first. Moisten the cloth slightly for extremely tarnished pieces. After your jewelry is cleaned, lightly buff it with the outer cloth to create a rich luster.

If your silver jewelry needs a little more attention, immerse it in warm water with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid and gently hand wash. Thoroughly rinse and completely dry the silver before storing, as moisture is one of the factors that contribute to tarnishing. Never clean your jewelry in bleach, as this will break down the metal in your jewelry.

If the jewelry contains gemstones or pearls, do not submerge the whole piece into the water. Instead, use a cotton swab with mild dishwasher liquid to wash only the sliver.